What is Carbcoin?

We aim to achieve net zero GHG emissions by leveraging our global network, the public blockchain Carbcoin, across a wide range of future energy related industries to drive industrial transformation, as well as by embracing on explosive new technologies and innovation.

What is Carbon Neutrality?

Carbon Neutral is a term used to describe the state of an entity (such as a company or a product), where the carbon emissions caused by them have been balanced out by funding an equivalent amount of carbon savings, or say carbon credits, elsewhere in the world (aka carbon offset), and that’s exactly what Carbcoin does.

How we can help you?

Whether you are an SME or a multinational corporate, Carbcoin with its AIoT devices, edge computing modules and DES (Distributed Storage System) can help your business achieve carbon neutrality to the leading international standards.

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Carbcoin connected green energy farm.

Consumers today want companies to take a leading role in combating climate change. We work diligently to measure, reduce and offset our carbon impact and chose the Carbcoin to independently certify your carbon credit.

NameCountryTypeSizePrice (per tonne)
TW-台南沙崙TaiwanSolar Power200 KWUSD $ 12 – 14.5
TW-彰化芳苑TaiwanSolar Power100 KWUSD $ 12 – 14.5
TW-高雄左營TaiwanBiomass30 KWUSD $ 17 – 22
TW-高雄湖內TaiwanBiomass30 KWUSD $ 17 – 22
TW-新北金山TaiwanThermal120 KWUSD $ 14 – 16
Belum-TemengorMalaysiaForest Project1000 tonneUSD $ 7.5 – 8.5

Carbon Prices

Carbon Pricing X Carbon Credit X Carbon Offset Market

Why Carbcoin is a blockchain based platform?

Embracing the future with a smart and innovative technology infrastructure.
Optimize your business case with blockchain technology and Smart Contracts.

Energy Transformation

We will actively pursue initiatives to increase renewable power capacity, through  the hydrogen/ammonia or other next-generation energy technologies. Carbcoin aims to ensure that these efforts are aligned to national policies, regional strategies and international best practice, say the Paris Agreement and latest COP26.

New Energy X Carbcoin X Digital Content         
Self-sustained Decentralized Communities

We believe that an integrated approach, Carbcoin, is necessary to achieve a carbon neutral society. By combining all elements within renewable energy ecosystem, we aim to address various issues to achieve a society that is both highly productive and eco-friendly, as well as to create regional communities and smart cities that are both vibrant and disaster-resilient.

Digital Transformation

We are on the threshold of an explosion in innovation and crypto is symptomatic of it. Technologies are all getting ready to move into the sweet spot, and there are gonna be convergences among them, and you’re looking at one – Carbcoin.

What should I do?

To become net zero, companies must calculate their carbon footprint, reduce their current emissions to the point where it reaches a balance, and neutralize what they cannot reduce with carbon offsets. Remaining emissions can be offset through reforestation of degraded areas or purchase of carbon credits.

Take a very close look and learn about how your company or organization can be part of the solution—10 years early.
The ambitious goals are not there to scare us, but to challenge us! We have a goal to leave the mother earth for our descendants in a better state than when we found it. And the long-team plan is to be fossil fuel free by 2050.
We’re turning the climate crisis into climate action, reaching the goals of the Paris Agreement and COP26 10 years early.
Are you in? Take a leadership position on climate change, and in line with the best sustainability practices worldwide, we will focus on reducing the carbon footprint in all areas.

Why Choose Carbcoin?

Technology is on our side. You don’t have to build new renewable plants from scratch, Carbcoin have your back during the clean energy transition.

As the world marks the adoption of the landmark Paris Agreement and latest COP26 on climate change, a promising movement for carbon neutrality is taking shape. 

The Carbcoin is the world’s leading independent certification body for carbon credits and carbon footprints. Our certification process follows the only internationally recognized carbon neutral standard. We ensure the robustness of carbon accounting, the strength of carbon management plans and that credible and high-quality offsets have been purchased.